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Dr. Oz’s Big Tech Shares | Tesla’s Humanoid Robots | The Masters Versus U.S. Open


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When TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz announced he'd run for Pennsylvania's Senate seat, he claimed he had "scars" to prove he'd gone to "battle with Big Tech" for years—his campaign has now disclosed he has
shares in major tech giants. We're also covering Elon Musk's announcement that humanoid robots will be manufactured at Tesla's newly opened Texas gigafactory and how much revenue the Masters golfing event brings in compared to the U.S. Open. Finally, check out who, among Forbes' World's Billionaires List 2022, are the richest self-made women

Sofia Lotto Persio

Sofia Lotto Persio

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In The News Today

Russian forces have now "fully withdrawn" from northern Ukraine, but at least some will be transferred to fight in the eastern part of the country, according to the U.K.'s defense ministry.

A Russian missile strike against a railway station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk that was being used to evacuate civilians from the region has killed and injured dozens of people.

Top Take-Aways

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel may consider Warren Buffett a "sociopathic grandpa" for his crypto skepticism, but the Oracle of Omaha still holds huge sway with investors—shares of legacy technology giant HP Inc. surged after Berkshire Hathaway disclosed it became HP's largest shareholder this month.

The Senate confirmed
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court in a 53-47 vote, making her the first Black woman in U.S. history to reach the high court. She won't serve on the court until its next term starts in the fall, but she's already slated to weigh in on major disputes.

U.S. Senate candidate for Pennsylvania
Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife own at least $10.2 million worth of stock in Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, according to a campaign disclosure.

"Giga Austin" manufacturing plant won't just be building vehicles, but it will also produce Optimus humanoid robots as early as next year, according to CEO Elon Musk.

A new bill seeks to create a
national no-fly list for unruly passengers in an effort to curb the rise of violent incidents on airplanes.

The Masters
is the most prestigious tournament on the PGA Tour, but when it comes to earning money, the Masters comes in a distant second to the U.S. Open

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