Sunday, April 10, 2022

Your Tips For Acing The Week

Happy Sunday, ForbesWomen readers!

Welcome to a special edition of our newsletter. We've noticed that stories about beating the so-called "Sunday Scaries"—like this one—have been rather popular with our community, so we thought you might appreciate a note dedicated to advice that will help you de-stress and prep for the week ahead.

Just remember: Sunday is still half of the whole weekend, so if you want to ignore the five tips below and go for a hike, catch up with friends or watch Sunday football, go for it! Fostering genuine enjoyment will go a long way to help you ease back into work.

But if you're looking to sharpen your mind or maximize your productivity a bit, here's your check list for gearing up for and acing the coming work week.

Maggie McGrath

Maggie McGrath

Editor, ForbesWomen

COVID-19 Remotely Working: Whether you're a first-time telecommuter struggling to be as productive from your couch as you are from your cube, or a manager looking for ways to keep your newly remote team engaged, this is your guide to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Or, instantly sign up for the Forbes Careers newsletter for weekly tips on working remotely and more.

Say something nice to yourself. If you're feeling anxious about the week ahead, talk to yourself the way you would a close friend. No matter what problem you're facing, don't beat yourself up for feeling anxious about it.

Get a pod-sized dose of mentorship. Whether you're an entrepreneur or aspiring C-suiter, there's a leadership or business-advice podcast just for you. Here's a roundup of some of the most useful shows for women in business.

Create an operations manual—on YOU. A self-operations manual can do wonders for improving workplace communication with your team. In it, include details like how you like to be contacted (email? phone?), how you want them to approach decision-making and what, if any, budgets they need to consider when problem solving.

Skip the evening glass of wine. Alcohol disrupts your circadian rhythm. Instead, end your day by eating one of these foods—they contain nutrients and vitamins like potassium and magnesium that will help you fall and stay asleep.


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