Monday, April 18, 2022

You’re Invited To Under 30 | Behind The Scenes With Young Risk-Takers Innovating Businesses

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Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson

Editor, Forbes Under 30

Alexandra Sternlicht

Alexandra Sternlicht

Reporter, Forbes Under 30

P.S. - You can browse and search a decade of Under 30 honorees by year, country, and field in our Under 30 Directory.

The Latest From Young Risk-Takers

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30 Under 30: North America

While navigating a global pandemic, supply chain crunches and isolation, these 600 entrepreneurs, innovators and entertainers are building ventures that are resilient and destined to shape the next decades and the years to come.

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30 Under 30 Hall Of Fame

Ten years, 100,000 nominees, and 6,000 revolutionaries across 20 industries. This all-time 30 Under 30 list highlights a Nobel laureate, six social media bigwigs, two crypto kings, two electric vehicle evangelists and the top-earning female athlete ever, among others.

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Under 30s Around The World

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30 Under 30: Asia

After the toughest year in their generation, these 300 Millennials and Gen Zs have persevered to survive and even thrive despite long lockdowns, restricted travel and uncertainties on all fronts. 

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30 Under 30: Europe

For the sixth year, the Forbes Under 30 Europe list is proving that youth is not wasted on the young.

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