COO Consulting Services

COO consulting services offer you the benefit of an external COO while maintaining control of your costs and ensuring that your business is on track. Project-based engagements focus on specific concerns, enabling you to implement a three-step action plan including assessment, review of recommendations, and implementation of solutions. The scope and budget of these engagements are fixed. A consulting COO can typically start a project within seven days and provide immediate value to your company.

Outsourced COOs

Using an expert COO can free up your time so you can focus on the things you love. A COO is a person who has dedicated their lives to running a business, so they understand how to keep it running smoothly. When you outsource the COO role, you are handing over operations to someone who knows the business, its team, and its plans. 

Outsourced COO consulting services are a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time executive. An experienced COO can be hired on a part-time basis to tackle specific company issues and projects. They can eventually transition into a permanent position in your company. Another advantage of using an outsourced COO is that they can meet your organization's needs on a flexible schedule.

Depending on the size of your business, hiring a full-time COO can cost $25k to $50k per month. However, growing companies may not have this kind of budget. An affordable fractional COO can provide a wealth of experience while filling in the gaps between operations executives. And if you're new to the COO role, it's a good idea to try a fractional COO service first to see if the role fits.

Outsourced COO consulting services can help you hire an experienced executive with executive-level experience for your company. These experts can help you with strategic planning, process improvement, or any other operations-related projects. This type of professional can bring a fresh perspective to your business and help you innovate your business strategy. Unlike hiring a full-time employee, you only pay for the services you use.

Part-time COOs

A COO serves as an outside operations specialist and advisor to a business. Meta Viable Solutions offers COO consulting services on a part-time or project basis. The consulting services are customized for the needs of each client. The company offers services in more than 24 industry and practice areas, ranging from start-ups with explosive growth to mature companies with flat or declining revenue trends. The services are flexible and can be started immediately.

Part-time COO consulting services allow a business owner to benefit from the experience of a professional COO without the need to recruit a full-time employee. Although hiring a full-time COO may be a good idea for many companies, not all of them have enough work to justify the expense. Additionally, some businesses may want to retain the flexibility of reducing services during slow periods.

One benefit of fractional COO consulting services is the affordable cost. A fractional COO can work in a part-time capacity for as little as one hour per week or once a month. A fractional COO can add significant value to a business by providing a fresh perspective and innovative business strategy. The cost of fractional COO services is comparable to the cost of expert accounting or legal advisory services. An experienced fractional COO may cost as little as $200/h.

Fractional COO services are beneficial for growing organizations. Instead of hiring a full-time COO, a fractional COO can provide expertise, guidance, and executive-level leadership on an as-needed basis. This option is especially attractive for smaller organizations or companies that cannot afford a full-time COO.

Fractional COO consulting services are flexible and cost-effective for smaller agencies. The cost of fractional COO services varies depending on the size of the organization and the experience of the COO. Fractional COOs bring in the experience and knowledge of an experienced executive without disrupting the business.

A fractional COO can handle the day-to-day operations of running a company while the company owner can focus on long-term strategies. The fractional COO will help visualize and put into action the big picture for the company's growth. This type of COO can be beneficial for a company in transition or struggling with a specific process.

Project-based COOs

Project-based COOs consulting services allow companies to bring in an outside operations specialist to address specific concerns and problems. They offer a 3-step action plan with specific budgets and timelines. In many cases, these experts can start working with a company within seven business days and provide immediate value.

When choosing an external consultant, you need to ensure that you are getting the best expertise for your specific business needs. While hiring a staff-aug resource may be a viable option, it can be difficult to assess their capabilities based on resumes and interviews. Additionally, resumes tend to exaggerate the skills and experience of candidates, especially those without real-world experience. A project-based partner will bring their expertise and methodology to bear on your needs, as well as industry experience and best practices. A project-based partner can help you avoid costly detours and unnecessary expenses.

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