Fractional Marketing Director

 A fractional marketing director may be the perfect solution for your business if you can't afford a full-time CMO but would like to have the same level of service as a full-time one. This kind of marketing director has the advantage of working outside your company's walls. He can get the job done while you're away or welcome back your current CMO. However, you may find it more difficult to get the desired results.


A fractional marketing director works as an extension of your in-house team to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts. They create marketing plans and manage campaigns, which are then executed. The FMD also monitors and analyzes marketing campaigns, so you can improve results. As part of the marketing team, they may apply analytical tools to your existing campaigns, thereby improving their effectiveness and profitability.

A fractional CMO helps you optimize your marketing efforts. You may be unsure what marketing tactics to use or how to set deadlines. A fractional CMO can guide and manage your team's work and ensure success. A marketing team that lacks consistency could confuse customers and lead to churn. A good fractional CMO will keep your branding consistent and on-brand. 

A fractional marketing director can revisit your current marketing techniques with a fresh perspective. With fresh eyes, they may discover that a technique is no longer working as effectively as it could be. In addition, fractional marketing directors can assess whether your budget is realistic and effective. Some marketing methods don't come with a budget, so a fractional marketing director can analyze your current budget to determine how to improve efficiency.

The time and energy required for marketing campaigns can be high. The results of a campaign are highly dependent on a strategic plan and data analysis. Moreover, most marketing efforts fail when a marketing team does not have enough resources to make informed decisions. For example, if the sales and marketing teams don't have the expertise to use data-driven strategies, the marketing campaigns will have low success rates. With a fractional marketing director, your marketing and sales teams will receive the support they need to make data-driven decisions.

A fractional marketing director can provide focus and structure to an otherwise chaotic marketing plan. They can also teach existing staff to use the best marketing practices. In addition to this, a fractional marketing director can build scalable marketing strategies for your business. Whether your marketing strategy is focused on branding or social media, a fractional marketing director is a great option.

The fractional marketing director is a part-time contractor who manages and guides your in-house marketing team. These experts stay on top of trends and understand the subtleties of marketing across channels. The fractional marketing director performs some tasks himself while delegating others to the marketing team.

Able & Howe

The Fractional Marketing Director Service (MDS) from Able & Howe is an in-house marketing solution that offers hands-on marketing execution and strategic planning. Many companies lack the resources or expertise necessary to hire a full-time marketing team. An MDS fills this gap with strategic planning, execution, and upskilling. It is the flagship service of Able & Howe's In-source Marketing Model.

A fractional marketing director works 15 to 20 hours per week. These marketing professionals have extensive experience in marketing and management. The FMD should have excellent communication skills, be detail-oriented, and be able to adapt to change. They should also be able to effectively listen and understand business goals and objectives.

Able & Howe's marketing services offer the ability to build critical marketing pieces while transitioning them back to the in-house team as a company scales. The firm's approach is a proven marketing-as-a-service model. The company's approach is tailored to the needs of the client.

A fractional CMO can also help optimize marketing campaigns. Marketing team members may lack the expertise and direction to meet deadlines. A fractional CMO can set the direction and keep the team on track. Without consistent branding, customers may be confused and lose interest, leading to churn.

If a fractional CMO is a right choice for your business, they can help your company with marketing strategy, sales development, and more. By outsourcing fractional CMO services, you can benefit from an experienced industry leader with an extensive background in marketing and strategy. A fractional CMO can help your company achieve rapid growth and market traction.

Fractional CMOs are part-time and are expected to function as an integral part of the company's senior leadership team. They report to the CEO and focus on developing sales pipelines, marketing plans, and account-based management strategies. In addition to advising on marketing strategy, a fractional CMO can oversee the in-house marketing team and external agencies.


The fractional marketing director (FMD) model allows small and mid-sized businesses to benefit from the skills of a full-time marketing director at a fraction of the cost. A fractional MDS brings fresh insight and hands-on leadership to marketing efforts. He or she guides the development of a marketing plan, implements policies, and manages marketing teams. An FMD works in a consulting capacity and can assist a growing team with marketing tasks.

A fractional marketing director can assess your existing goals and strategies and determine if they're in line with your company's overall vision. In addition, a fractional marketing director can use analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and identify ways to improve them. This can help improve marketing campaigns and increase profitability.

Lauren Alwine has brought her extensive experience in strategic planning and account management to Marketri. Previously, she worked at two full-service agencies, providing account management and strategic planning for Fortune 100 companies. She holds an M.A. in media studies and a B.A. in sociology from the University of Virginia. She has worked with a wide range of clients and continues to expand her skills and services to better serve her clients.

A fractional marketing director can help you meet key stakeholders and potential buyers. Often, this requires more resources than a small company can provide. Depending on your needs, a fractional marketing director can provide a marketing project manager, marketing strategist, and paid media specialists. They also provide targeted messaging and social media activity.

Marketing is a complex process. Without leadership, it can quickly balloon out of control. A fractional marketing director can help you establish a marketing budget and establish benchmarks for return on investment. A fractional marketing director can also help you determine the amount of revenue you'll receive from your marketing efforts.

A fractional marketing director can fill a leadership role in your marketing department and can mentor your in-house marketing employees. Since they're contractors, they can assume a leadership role within your organization while managing the marketing team. They can even perform some tasks themselves, or delegate them to others.

An effective marketing plan requires a village. A fractional marketing director can help your company tap into the right amount of each marketing specialty while minimizing overhead and maintaining a competitive advantage. With a fractional marketing director, you can benefit from proven best practices, while reducing costs and hiring only the right number of people to execute your marketing campaign.

A fractional marketing director is a great choice for small businesses. These experts have the experience and background to bring focus to an unstructured marketing plan. They can also train existing marketing staff to implement effective marketing plans. They can even help you create a scalable marketing strategy.

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